2023 Gift Guide for Bullet Journallers

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This post is the first of 3 (!) gift guides. I love looking at gift guides online to get inspired, so I thought I would gather some of my favourite products and items that are on my wishlist together and make my own this year. I’ve grouped the products by theme- this one is geared towards recipients who bullet journal, but could be applied to anyone who likes stationery or paper crafts. I’ve tried to assemble an assortment of items at a variety of price points, so you can find a present for anyone, on any budget, and I’ve organised the items by price, to help you navigate your way through the list. I’ve included photos of the products that I own, but not for products that are just on my wishlist, for copyright reasons.

A quick disclaimer: 

This post contains no sponsored items, affiliate links or items otherwise gifted from brands. I'm just a small town blogger (at the moment)! Everything listed is something I have either purchased for myself/received as a gift from a family member/friend, or is on my personal wishlist. All comments are my own personal opinions.

All prices listed are correct at time of writing, but please be aware that they may change over time. 

Table of Contents

Gifts under £5

Crayola Pastel SuperTips – £2.85 for a pack of 12.

Crayola SuperTips are such versatile markers and they come in such a great variety of colours. I love these pastel shades, but you can find all sorts of other shade ranges as well.

CICILIAYA sticky notes – £3.29 for a pack of 3.

I like to use these small sticky notes for the Kanban Board spread in my journal (you can read more about that spread in my April 2024 setup post). They’re so handy, though- you can use them for practically anything. I love these ones, because they are such good value (they come in a 3-pack, even though I’ve only photographed 2) and so aesthetically pleasing!

Circle stencils – £4.99.

Confession: I just bought myself these stencils and I already know I am never going to look back. After YEARS of drawing around random objects (very messily) and piercing my bullet journal pages with a compass, I figured it was time to get these circle stencils. They are so useful and I think anyone who does any kind of stationery crafts would appreciate them!

Gifts under £10

Sakura White Gelly Roll Pens – £5.33 for a pack of 3.

These are my go-to white pens for an opaque, quick-drying finish. I use them in almost every bullet journal setup I create!

Sakura Quickie Glue pens – £6.50 for a pack of 3.

A relatively new find for me, these are SO useful, particularly for glueing in small items. They’re also a slightly more unusual piece of stationery, so it’s less likely that your recipient will already own them.

Muji 0.38mm ballpoint pens – £9.40 for a pack of 5.

These are my go-to pens for both setting up my spreads and filling in my bullet journal. I love them because they are fine enough to write neatly with and dry super quickly, so you don’t have to worry too much about smudging them. I’ve gone through so many of them (if you couldn’t tell by the fact this picture only contains 4 of the 5 pens and half of them are empty)- honestly, I can never have enough!

OfficeTree Brown Kraft Paper – £9.99 for 50 sheets.

Not the most exciting present, but this paper is SO useful- I use it all the time for bullet journalling and various other paper crafts. You can also print directly onto this paper, as I did for my December setup this year, so it is super versatile.

Gifts under £15

Kuretake dot markers– £12.91 for a pack of 6.

Another slightly unusual gift, these pens are great for habit tracking/easy decoration- you literally press down to get a perfect dot of colour, a little like a stamp in pen form! The packs come in a few different shade variations, but I have the Mild Colours version, which includes 6 pastel shades.

Alphabet stamps – £12.99 for a 70-piece set.

I use these ALL of the time, in all sorts of setups. They’re kind of a staple within the bullet journalling community and they can be a really great way of achieving a professional finish with minimal effort.

Gifts under £20

String & Space Star Bullet Journal – £19.95.

This was one of my very first bullet journals and it’s still one of my favourites. It has a super minimal rose gold star design on the front (and spine), as well as gilded rose gold edges, navy blue night sky end papers, two ribbon bookmarks, a back pocket, a pen holder and an elastic closure. The paper is super thick- I had absolutely no problems with ghosting/bleeding, which is great.

Coral & Ink Sakura Polaroid A5 Dot Grid Journal – £19.99.

This was my bullet journal for the first half of 2023 and I loved having it- it was just so pretty! It has a polaroid design on the front (gold this time!), gilded edges, a back pocket and super high quality paper (no bleeding/ghosting here either!). The two ribbon bookmarks, elastic closure and pen holder are all pink, which really complements the white/gold colour scheme. Coral & Ink is such a lovely small business- they have lots of other fun kawaii stationery on offer to check out too!

Gifts under £35

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens – Grey Colours – £33.04 for a pack of 12.

I know these are a little pricey, but I have used this pack of pens so much. The different shades of grey are so useful for a variety of things! I bought this pack myself when I was making a Harry Potter-inspired journal for my (soon to be!) sister-in-law and it was just perfect for drawing all of the stone walls, buildings and magical creatures.

And there you have it- my top picks for bullet journalling gifts this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this first instalment in my 2023 gift guide series- I’ll be back tomorrow with the next one.



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