2023 Gift Guide for Bakers

🎄☃️✨ Welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas At Home! It’s 20 days until Christmas and the gingerbread men are RUNNING (running, as fast as they can). ✨☃️🎄

Today’s post is the final instalment in my 2023 gift guide series- one for bullet journallers and one for knitters/crocheters are both on the blog already. Today, we’re all about that bake, with a selection of gifts for all the home bakers in your life. As with the other two gift guides, I’ve tried to find a variety of gifts at a range of different price points, so hopefully there is something for everyone, on any budget. I’ve organised the gifts by price, to help you navigate your way through the list. I’ve included photos of the products that I own, but not for products that are just on my wishlist, for copyright reasons.

A quick disclaimer: 

This post contains no sponsored items, affiliate links or items otherwise gifted from brands. I'm just a small town blogger (at the moment)! Everything listed is something I have either purchased for myself/received as a gift from a family member/friend, or is on my personal wishlist. All comments are my own personal opinions.

All prices listed are correct at time of writing, but please be aware that they may change over time. 

Table of Contents

Gifts under £15

The Great British Bake Off Silicone + Offset Spatula Duo – £6.92.

I use offset spatulas for EVERYTHING: icing big cakes, icing cupcakes, spreading out chocolate etc. This duo pack is great, because it also includes my fave shape of silicone spatula, which makes it SO easy for weak bakers like me to scrape down the sides of a bowl successfully!

Hotec Silicone Spatula Set – £9.35 for 5.

If you don’t fancy the duo pack above, but still like the idea of gifting silicone spatulas, this pack is great because it contains multiple shapes/sizes, so your recipient will always have the perfect spatula for the job.

YellRin Dual-ended Magnetic Measuring Spoons – £13.99 for 6.

Dual-ended measuring spoons are absolute game-changers. You can measure out something liquid, like oil or milk, with one end, then use the other end for dry ingredients, like baking powder or spices, without having to wash out the spoon in between. Also, the fact that these ones are magnetic makes storing them (and finding them later on!) so much easier.

Gifts under £20

Helect Infrared Thermometer – £15.99.

I love to use this thermometer when I’m tempering chocolate. Because it uses an infrared beam, you don’t have to touch the chocolate with it at all, which makes for an easier clean up later. Chocolate can get so messy, so this is a real win!

Wilton Golden Decorating Tip Set – £17.99 for 7 piping tips, 1 coupler and 8 disposable piping bags.

Okay, okay, this is a bit fanciful, but these are definitely on my wishlist. I don’t know what it is that makes the gold piping tips seem so much more fun, but it’s just how it is. There’s also a really great variety of nozzles here, so it’s the perfect gift for a beginner who’s just starting out on their piping journey (or, apparently, a baking magpie, like myself).

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook – £18.19.

This is one of my favourite cookbooks (I SWEAR by the brownie recipe and, trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of them). The Hummingbird Bakery has a few cookbooks, but this was the first one, so it contains some of their most iconic recipes.

Lakeland 12 Hole Mini Sandwich Tin – £19.99

I know this tin seems a bit frivolous, but it actually has so many different uses- I’ve had it for a good long time now and I’m still finding new ways of baking with it! There’s the standard mini sandwich cakes, but you could also make mini cheesecakes/layered desserts, individual brownies- I’ve even made homemade pork pies in it! I love it.

Gifts under £30

The Crumbs & Doilies Recipe Book – £20.00.

A relatively newer cookbook (it’s just turned 1 year old!), but Cupcake Jemma on YouTube is my go-to for delicious cake recipes and fun/unusual inspiration and this cookbook is the same- loads of cool and surprising new ideas, with clear instructions and gorgeous pictures.

Colour Mill Pastel Colouring Set – £27.45 for a pack of 6 colours.

I’ve recently started using Colour Mill food colourings in my baking and, honestly, it’s been life-changing. These oil-based dyes are great for colouring cake batters, icings and chocolate (just don’t use them for largely fatless bakes, like macarons, because they’ll affect the bake) and they have such a huge range of colours. They have lots of different gift sets, but I particularly love the colours in this pastel pack.

Crumbs & Doilies Caramel Cornflake Brownie Baking Kit – £27.95 (with tin included), or £19.95 (without tin).

Another offering from Crumbs & Doilies, but this time it’s the gift of a whole bake in one- in this kit, you get everything you need to make a batch of their delicious Caramel Cornflake Brownies! I’ve made these from scratch before and, honestly, I still dream about them. I’ve always been a little sniffy about baking kits/box mixes, but these ones are elite. Crumbs & Doilies is a pretty popular company these days, but it has a definite small business vibe and the quality/care put into these kits really shines through!

Gifts under £40

Wilton Deluxe Piping Tip Set – £33.49 for 22 piping tips, 1 coupler and 1 flower nail.

If you’re looking for something a bit more comprehensive (and less stylised) than the gold piping tip set, Wilton offers larger nozzle sets that come with storage containers, to keep everything neat and together. There are a variety of sets available, so you can pick one based on your price point, but this 22-tip set has a great variety of nozzle options and comes with a coupler and flower nail, for even more creative possibilities!

Nordic Ware 6 Cup Swirl Bundt Tin – £35.70.

This is something that has been on my wishlist for SO long (literally since 2015 when the Simply Nigella Christmas Special aired and she made bundt cakes using this tin- I’ve been straight-up OBSESSED ever since). This particular tin was even recently used on Bake Off (yep, I recognised it immediately) and I just… urgh, I love it so much. It’s definitely on the pricier side, which is why I haven’t bought it for myself yet, but Nordic Ware is such a reliable, high-quality brand that the price point kind of makes sense.

And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2023 baking-themed gift guide! That’s a wrap on my 2023 gift guide series- tomorrow I’ll be back with a different (but still super festive!) post. See you then!



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