Christmas Tree Farm Visit

🎄☃️✨ Welcome to Day 6 of Blogmas At Home! It’s 19 days until Christmas and the Jack Frost is really starting to nip at my nose. ✨☃️🎄

Getting the Christmas tree is something I look forward to every year- it feels like such a wholesome and festive activity. I don’t often make posts in the ‘Away From Home’ category (largely because I am rarely actually away from home), so it’s super weird that I’ve posted two in the past week. I swear, I’m still very much a homebody!

Anyway, I took some photos from our trip to get the Christmas tree and I thought it would be fun to share them here. Let’s get a tree, shall we?

The place where we’ve been getting our tree for the past few years is actually a café/farm shop, so, of course, we went early and had breakfast before we so much as looked at a single tree. What can I say? We have our priorities in order. I had this breakfast bap- with sausages and a hash brown, which I had for the first time last Christmas and have dreamt about since. Can confirm, it was as good as I remembered. The addition of a hash brown continues to be life-changing.

Next we went into the farm shop, which was decorated very festively and had lots of seasonal snacks on offer. I was, however, talked down from buying a large quantity of goose fat- this was fair enough (it was rather expensive), but I, with my love for super crispy (practically fried) roast potatoes, took it pretty hard.

Finally! We get to the trees! Unfortunately… they were all a little… strange? It was a pretty limited selection and none of them were quite what we were looking for.

Also, this one had a full-on pile of feathers beneath it? I couldn’t take a good picture because I was trying to be ✨surreptitious✨, so as not draw attention to a potential pigeon massacre, but there were a lot of feathers, right under the tree??? I was disturbed.

We had to give up on the first place, so we headed to a little farm we had seen on the way. It had a much better selection! We found one we liked almost immediately.

The farm also had a bunch of animals around- this sheep was called Bruno. He seemed to take a liking to me and I was OVERJOYED, but then I realised he was just interested in the lingering smell of sausage and hash brown bap on my fingers. It was very humbling.

There was also a very waggy dog, who had somehow made his way up to eye level, among the tree tops. He seemed happy to be there, though. Easier to survey his domain from the higher vantage point, I guess.

This donkey was staring at the wall like this for a while, which made me chuckle because our old dog used to do exactly the same thing. Apparently one of the donkeys (maybe this one?) will be starring in a school nativity this year, so perhaps he was practising his freeze frames.

After we picked up our tree, we stopped in at (yet another) farm shop on the way home. I didn’t get him, but I thought this little reindeer was very funny.

And that was our tree-buying experience this year! It was much more involved than usual, where we typically go to one place and find a tree within 10 minutes, but it was all the more memorable for it. Also, if we had found a tree we liked at the first place, we never would have met Bruno the sheep! Sometimes life just works out.

One last piece of Bruno content for you 🙂

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 7 of Blogmas At Home! Stay merry!



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